Focused on Alternatives

Our unique focus on alternative investments allows us to leverage our expertise in:

  • Expanding the investment opportunity set, providing access to new markets and asset sub-classes.

  • Structuring risk exposures to protect invested capital.

  • Developing low correlation investment solutions that seek to maintain their diversifying qualities through all market cycles. 


Cleartrust Group was formed to consolidate a number of separate entities operating since 2012 to allow for improved governance and operational structure. We have successfully executed upon our mission of serving as the partner of choice in delivering innovative investment solutions that meet increasingly complex needs for low-correlated, attractive returns.

Immediately following the Global Financial Crisis, we recognized investors’ need for truly diversifying assets, as correlations across traditional asset classes gravitated to 1. The desire to focus on simplifying the complexities faced by investors is the foundation to Cleartrust’s pursuit of structuring specialized, alternative asset vehicles. The ability to do so successfully and repeatably requires a unique combination of talents.

Not only does Cleartrust have depth of expertise, but our team also ensures adequate breadth of talent to ensure all investment theses receive multi-dimensional perspectives and analyses.


Ironclad Control Environment

At Cleartrust, our culture is rooted in a deep commitment to integrity and excellence in all we do.

We achieve greater productivity and performance as a firm not only in hiring, developing and empowering exceptional talent, but also in selecting critical partners to support our middle and back-office needs.


Our Investment Universe

  • Private Credit

  • Real Estate

  • Litigation Assets

  • Commodities

  • Insurance

  • Infrastructure