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“We serve investors and partners with quality and integrity. Our goal is to structure strong and stable investments with adequate levels capital, and to maintain appropriate asset segregation and liquidity ensuring to always be able to meet obligations.”


Cleartrust PLC

Cleartrust PLC is a private company registered in Ireland. The company is designed to be a Section 110 Public Limited Company, organized as a bankruptcy remote Special Purpose Vehicle with segregated portfolios.

Cleartrust PLC invests in a wide range of financial and alternative assets, and has regular access to international capital markets under a range of listed debt issuance programs.

Investment underliers include:

  • Shares, bonds and other securities;

  • Futures, options, swaps, derivatives and similar instruments;

  • Invoices and all types of receivables;

  • Leases and loan portfolios;

  • Carbon offsets; and

  • Contracts for insurance and contracts for reinsurance